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President’s Gallery

The gallery of OAP presidents is the fruit of a project initiated by the OAP board and executive in early 2000. It stands today as a wonderful tribute, both to the founders of this organization and to the many others who have provided outstanding leadership to Ontario’s pathology community. It also highlights the geographic diversity of the many practice areas served by the OAP.

Careful readers may notice several years with no designated president, and one incident where two appear to have served the same term. Alas, much has been lost in the mists of time, and, at press time, even our most senior members were unable to fill these missing gaps. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any of this information.

OAP appreciates Dr. Demo Divaris for his tremendous effort in putting this gallery together up to 2017, and Dr. Murray Treloar for undertaking the work necessary to post it to the OAP website.

The archives is now updated by the Secretariat, Executive Director, Heather Dow and Executive Assistant, William Wilkins.

OAP Presidents 1938-2021


Anna Plotkin, MD, FRCPC, FCAP: 2018-2021

  • University of Toronto, 01 Jul 2007 to 22 Sep 2007
    AVP - Anatomical Pathology
  • University of Toronto, 23 Sep 2007 to 30 Jun 2008
    PostGrad Yr 2 - Anatomical Pathology
  • University of Toronto, 01 Jul 2008 to 30 Jun 2009
    PostGrad Yr 3 - Anatomical Pathology
  • University of Toronto, 01 Jul 2009 to 31 Dec 2009
    PostGrad Yr 4 - Anatomical Pathology
  • University of Toronto, 01 Jan 2010 to 30 Jun 2010
    PostGrad Yr 5 - Anatomical Pathology
  • University of Toronto, 01 Jul 2010 to 30 Jun 2011
    CF - Anatomical Pathology



E. Celia Marginean, MD, FRCPC, FCAP: 2017-2018

  • Doctor of Medicine, University “Victor Babes”, Timisoara, Romania
  • Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Residency, St. Barnabas Medical Center, NJ, USA
  • Fellowship in GI/liver Pathology, Yale University, CT, USA
  • Fellowship in Cytopathology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA
  • Associate Professor, Pathology, Ottawa University
  • Head, GI section, Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON
  • Deputy head, Cytopathology Section, Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, ON
  • Research interests are GI cancers, including pancreatic, CRC, gastric, esophageal and neuroendocrine tumours (NET)



Dr. Russell Price: 2015-2017

  • Doctor of Medicine, University of Ottawa
  • Fellowship in General Pathology, Queen’s University
  • Chief of Pathology, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre 1998-2014
  • Medical Director of Laboratories, Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre 1998-present
  • Assistant Clinical Professor, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, McMaster University
  • Clinical Adjunct Professor, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Western University



Dr. David Shum

Dr. David Shum: 2013-2015

  • Graduated in medicine, University of Hong Kong
  • Did his pathology residency at the Western University, London, Ontario
  • Obtained his fellowship in anatomical pathology in 1980.
  • Became the Chief of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the Windsor Regional Hospital in 2004
  • Medical Director at the Medical Laboratories of Windsor Ltd.
  • An Adjunct Professor with the Pathology Department, the Schulich School of Medicine at the Western University.



Dr. Katherine Chorneyko

Dr. Katherine Chorneyko: 2011-13

  • Received MD University of Western Ontario, 1989; pathology training University of Ottawa and McMaster University; additional training in electron microscopy.
  • Worked many years at Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University; currently Medical Laboratory Director in Brantford ON.
  • Recently completed term as president, Brant County Medical Association.



Dr. John Srigley

Dr. John Srigley: 2009-11

  • Graduated in medicine, U of T 1977; postgraduate training U of T and MD Anderson Hospital, Houston, TX.
  • Director of Surgical Pathology, Sunnybrook Hospital 1985-96; Chief, Laboratory Medicine, Credit Valley Hospital 1996-2007.
  • Professor, Pathology and Molecular Medicine, McMaster University; Program Head, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Cancer Care Ontario.
  • Chair, National Pathology Standards Committee, CPAP; past president, International Society of Urological Pathology.



Dr. Suhas B. Joshi

Dr. Suhas B. Joshi: 2006-09

  • Graduated University of Indore, India, 1975; pathology residency and fellowship University of Ottawa 1978-84.
  • Pathologist, Sudbury General Hospital and MDS Laboratories; Director, Niagara Reference Laboratory (LifeLabs); Chief, Laboratory Medicine, and Regional Director of Laboratories, Niagara Health System.
  • Founding member of P2Q; served on Forensic Pathology Advisory Committee and QMP-LS Advisory Board.
  • Chair, OMA Section on Laboratory Medicine.



Dr. Dimitrios (Demo) X. G.Divaris

Dr. Dimitrios (Demo) X. G.Divaris: 2004-06

  • Graduated in medicine, University of Rhodesia / Zimbabwe, 1981; general pathology residency, Queen’s University 1984-88.
  • Joint Chief and Medical Director of Laboratory Medicine, Grand River and St. Mary’s General Hospitals, Kitchener.
  • OAP secretary-treasurer 1995-2003.



Dr. Frank E. Thompson

Dr. Frank E. Thompson: 2002-04

  • Graduated University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.
  • Emigrated to Canada; worked as GP in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
    • Pathology training at Universities of Ottawa and McGill.
  • Held appointments in Ottawa Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Dermatology.
  • Medical Director, MDS Laboratories, Ontario and BC.



Dr. Murray Treloar

Dr. Murray Treloar: 1999-02

  • Received MD from U of T; postgraduate training at U of T and Queen’s University.
  • Medical Director and Department Chief of Laboratory and Genetic Services, Lakeridge Health Corporation.
  • Pathologist and Medical Advisor, Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories.
  • Lecturer, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, Faculty of Medicine, U of T.
  • Extensive volunteer work, including terms as OMA Section on Laboratory Medicine chair.



Dr. Sandip K. SenGupta

Dr. Sandip K. SenGupta: 1997-99

  • Graduated in medicine, University of Ottawa 1983; postgraduate training at Queen’s University, Kingston.
  • Medical Director, Clinical Laboratory Services, and Deputy Head, Department of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, Kingston General and Hotel Dieu Hospitals; Professor of Pathology, Queen’s University.
  • Well known for expertise in breast cancer research; has published extensively in this field.



Dr. Geoffrey W. Gardiner

Dr. Geoffrey W. Gardiner: 1995-97

  • Graduated University of Alberta, 1968.
  • On staff, pathology department, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto.



Dr. Virginia M. Walley

Dr. Virginia M. Walley: 1994-95

  • Graduated University of Western Ontario, 1982.
  • Chief of Laboratory Medicine, Ottawa Civic Hospital; Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Ottawa; subspecialty interest in cardiovascular pathology.
  • Ontario Medical Director for LifeLabs; Clinical Professor, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, U of T; Adjunct Professor, Department of Pathology, Queen’s University.
  • OMA Board Director; past chair and current member of OMA Section on Laboratory Medicine



Dr. Robert H. Riddell

Dr. Robert H. Riddell: 1993-94

  • Graduated University of London UK; pathology training St. Mark’s and St. Bartholomew’s Hospitals, London UK.
  • Chief, Anatomical Pathology Department, McMaster University Medical Center; Professor of Pathology and Molecular Medicine, McMaster University; Head of Gastrointestinal Pathology and Imunopathology, Mount Sinai Hospital; Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology, U of T.
  • World-renowned expert in gastrointestinal pathology; has lectured and published extensively in this area.



Dr. Paul Manley

Dr. Paul Manley: 1992-93

  • Graduate, U of T medical school; trained in internal medicine and anatomic pathology, Toronto and Stanford, CA.
  • Chair, Department of Pathology, Queen’s University; Pathologist-in-Chief, Kingston General and Hotel Dieu Hospitals, Kingston.
  • President, Canadian Association of Pathologists; Chair, OMA Section of Laboratory Medicine; Director, World Association of Pathology.



Dr. Michael J. Shkrum

Dr. Michael J. Shkrum: 1991-92

  • Graduated in medicine, University of Western Ontario, 1978.
  • Special interest in forensic pathology.
  • Staff pathologist, Victoria Hospital Corporation, London ON; Associate Professor, UWO.



Dr. Ralph W. Shaw

Dr. Ralph W. Shaw: 1990-91

  • Graduated U of T, 1964.
  • On staff at North York General Hospital and Humber River Regional Hospital, Toronto.



Dr. George E. Yee

Dr. George E. Yee: 1989-90

  • Graduated University of Manitoba, 1960.
  • Director of Laboratories, Windsor Regional Hospital, 1985-96.
  • President and Medical Director of Medical Laboratories of Windsor Limited.



Dr. George Massarella

Dr. George Massarella: 1988-89

  • Graduated Edinburgh University Medical School, 1959.
  • Laboratory Director, Sudbury General Hospital.
  • Active participant in OMA and Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program, now Quality Medical Program – Laboratory Services.



Dr. Verne R. Waldorf

Dr. Verne R. Waldorf: 1987-88

  • Graduated Dalhousie University, 1953.
  • Chief of Pathology and Laboratories at Oakville-Trafalgar Memorial Hospital.
  • Instrumental in collecting laboratory-medicine human resources data in Ontario.
  • Retired 1996.



Dr. J. B. Cullen

Dr. J. B. Cullen: 1986-87

  • Graduated U of T, 1963; internship at Toronto Western Hospital; pathology training in Toronto and the UK.
  • Joined Department of Pathology at Toronto General Hospital, 1970.
  • Head, Division of Surgical Pathology; Associate Professor, U of T.
  • Special interest in gastrointestinal pathology.



Dr. James N. Henning

Dr. James N. Henning: 1985-86

  • Graduated University of BC, 1955.
  • Pathologist, Henderson Hospital, Hamilton; Director of Laboratories, Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie; Chief of Laboratory Medicine, Credit Valley Hospital, Mississauga; part-time Pathologist, Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital.
  • Chairman, Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program Steering Committee, 1980-85.



Dr. Mary Ellen Kirk

Dr. Mary Ellen Kirk: 1984-85

  • Received MD from University of Western Ontario, 1964; trained in pathology at McGill University and Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Pathology appointments at Montreal General Hospital and McGill University, 1970-79.
  • Pathologist at Victoria Hospital, London ON and Clinical Professor of Pathology and Obstetrics and Gynecology at UWO.



Dr. George Frank

Dr. George Frank: 1983-84

  • Graduated University of Edinburgh, 1956.
  • Anatomical pathologist in Kenya 1965-67.
  • Joined Henderson General Hospital and McMaster University, 1970.
  • Anatomical pathologist with interest in hematopathology.
  • Retired 1996; passed away 1998.



Dr. D. P. Hill

Dr. D. P. Hill: 1982-83

  • Director and Acting Director, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Ottawa General Hospital, 1975-79 and 1981-83.
  • Vice President, Medical Affairs, Ottawa General Hospital from 1985.
  • President, Canadian Society of Forensic Sciences, 1971-72.
  • President, Canadian Association of Pathologists, 1978-79.
  • Various RCPS Committees



Dr. John H. Whiteside

Dr. John H. Whiteside: 1981-82

  • Received MD from U of T, 1942; pathology residencies in Toronto, Montreal and Victoria, BC; MSc (Exp. Path) McGill University, 1951.
  • Pathologist and Director, Department of Laboratory Medicine, Peterborough Civic Hospital, 1951-86; Associate Pathologist, Peterborough from 1986.



Dr. Lyle A. Jentz

Dr. Lyle A. Jentz: 1980-81

  • Graduated University of Western Ontario, 1951; postgraduate studies at UWO and McGill University.
  • Fellowships in General Pathology (1957) and Nuclear Medicine (1978).
  • Director of Laboratories, Brantford General Hospital 1957-87.
  • Passed away 2003.



Dr. T. Frank Elligott

Dr. T. Frank Elligott: 1979-80

  • Graduated National University of Ireland, 1952. Served four years as medical officer in Nigeria.
  • Staff appointments in Universities of Sheffield and Newcastle Upon Tyne.
  • Professor of Pathology and Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, Queen’s University; Pathologist-in-Chief, Director of Laboratories, Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston.



Dr. H. T. Van Patter

Dr. H. T. Van Patter: 1978-79

  • Received MD from McGill University,1949; certified in pathology 1954.
  • Senior Staff Pathologist, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, 1955-70.
  • Chief Pathologist and Director of Laboratories, North York General Hospital Willowdale; Assistant Professor of Pathology, U of T.



Dr. Michael Dietrich

Dr. Michael Dietrich: 1977-78

  • Graduated from University of Western Ontario medical school, 1954.
  • While practicing pathology in Windsor, Woodstock and Stratford, was active in accreditation of training programs in medical laboratory technology, and as a member of the Laboratory Proficiency Training Program (LPTP) Cytology Committee.



Dr. Frank J. Lone

Dr. Frank J. Lone: 1975-76

  • Received MD from University of Manitoba,1945; postgraduate studies in Winnipeg and at Memorial Hospital, New York.
  • Chief Pathologist and Director of Laboratories, Port Arthur General and St. Joseph’s Hospitals, Thunder Bay, 1960-84.
  • Retired 1984.



Dr. Frederick A. Jaffe

Dr. Frederick A. Jaffe: 1974-75

  • Born Germany; studied medicine at University of Cambridge, UK and McGill University. Received MD, 1944; MSc, 1949.
  • Assistant Pathologist, Toronto Western Hospital 1951-66.
  • Medical Director, Centre of Forensic Sciences, 1966-69; Director of Laboratories, Queensway General Hospital, and Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, 1975-87.



Dr. H. A. Heggtveit

Dr. H. A. Heggtveit: 1973-74

  • Received MD from University of Ottawa, 1957; postgraduate training in Ottawa and New York City.
  • Staff Pathologist: Ottawa General Hospital 1962-75, Ottawa Civic Hospital 1975-82, Chedoke-McMaster Hospitals 1982 to retirement.
  • Professor of Pathology, University of Ottawa and McMaster University; subspecialty interest in human and experimental cardiovascular diseases.



Dr. Iva R. Taves

Dr. Iva R. Taves: 1972-73

  • Graduated in medicine U of T, 1952. Postgraduate studies at the Banting Institute and Toronto General Hospital.
  • Pathologist and Director of Laboratories at Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital.
  • First woman to serve as OAP president.
  • Passed away 2011.



Dr. H. D. Steele

Dr. H. D. Steele: 1971-72

  • Graduated in medicine, Queen’s University 1944; qualified in pathology 1952.
  • Started laboratory at Hotel Dieu Hospital in St. Catharines, 1953; moved to University Hospital, Saskatoon, 1955.
  • Returned to Queen’s as Assistant Professor,1957; remained until 1987 retirement.
  • Associate Director, Director of Laboratories, Kingston General Hospital.



Dr. Stanley S. Raphael

Dr. Stanley S. Raphael: 1970-71

  • Graduated University of London, UK, 1946; pathology residencies in UK and USA, 1951-55.
  • Associate Pathologist, Sudbury General & Memorial Hospitals, 1955-63.
  • Pathologist, Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, Windsor.
  • Senior author of Lynch’s Medical Laboratory Technology, published by Saunders.
  • Passed away 2012.



Dr. Roderick C. Ross

Dr. Roderick C. Ross: 1969-70

  • Graduated in medicine, U of T, 1940; MSc (Pathology) McGill University, 1949.
  • Pathologist-in-Chief, St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto, 1952.
  • Assistant Professor of Pathology, 1964; Professor, 1968; Professor Emeritus, 1980, U of T.
  • Awarded Queen’s Jubilee Medal.



Dr. Marvin S. Smout

Dr. Marvin S. Smout: 1968-69

  • Graduated University of Western Ontario; pathology training at UWO and University of Michigan.
  • Chief Pathologist, Victoria Hospital, London, ON 1965-90.
  • Passed away 2006.



Dr. George F. Kipkie

Dr. George F. Kipkie: 1967- 68

  • Graduated Queen’s University, 1939; postgraduate studies, McGill University and Duke University, NC.
  • Director of Laboratories, Kingston General Hospital, 1950-80.
  • Associate Professor of Pathology, 1950-66; Professor, Queen’s University, 1966-80.
  • President, Canadian Association of Pathologists, 1969-70.
  • Retired 1982.



Dr. J. S. Campbell

Dr. J. S. Campbell: 1966-67

  • Graduated in medicine, Dalhousie University, 1947.
  • Head of Pathology Section, Toxicology Research Division, Bureau of Chemical Safety, Sir FrederickG. Banting Research Center, Health and Welfare Canada.
  • Visiting Professor of Pathology, Memorial University, Newfoundland.
  • Clinical Professor of Pathology, University of Ottawa.



Dr. A. R. Armstrong

Dr. A. R. Armstrong: 1965-66

  • Graduated in medicine, U of T, 1930; graduate studies in biochemistry, U of T and University of Oxford.
  • Director of Laboratories, Hamilton Health Association’s Mountain Sanatorium, 1945-70.



Dr. H. J. Barrie

Dr. H. J. Barrie: 1964-65

  • Born China, 1909; attended boarding school in England from age 12.
  • Graduated University of Oxford, 1933; taught pathology for 10 years in Sheffield and 10 years at U of T.
  • Worked at Toronto Hospital for Tuberculosis, Sunnybrook, East General and the Orthopaedic and Arthritic Hospital.



Dr. John L. Penistan

Dr. John L. Penistan: 1963-64

  • Born in Essex, UK; graduated London University, 1939; studied pathology at London Hospital.
  • Served as Area Pathologist in Bangor, North Wales, and as Deputy Director, Pathology, and Command Pathologist to Royal Army Medical Corps, 37th West African Military Hospital ACCRA.
  • Director of Laboratories, Stratford General Hospital 1949-73.



Dr. Wilbert W. Hollands: 1962-63

Dr. Wilbert W. Hollands: 1962-63

  • Graduated University of Western Ontario 1933.
  • Interned in pathology and bacteriology at the Banting Institute and Toronto General Hospital, 1935- 1936; instructed in University of Western Ontario medical school 1936-37.
  • Held pathology positions in St. Thomas and London; Pathologist at St. Joseph’s Hospital, Sarnia 1948-71.
  • Passed away 1999.



Dr. Walter J. Armstrong

Dr. Walter J. Armstrong: 1961-62

  • Graduated U of T 1936; studied pathology under Dr. William Deadman at Hamilton General Hospital.
  • Pathologist at Memorial Hospital, St. Thomas, Ontario, 1939.
  • Director of Laboratories, St. Mary’s General Hospital, Kitchener, 1942-75.
  • Retired 1975.



Dr. Lorne Whitaker

Dr. Lorne Whitaker: 1960-61

  • Graduated University of Western Ontario, 1932.
  • Interned in pathology under Professor John H. Fisher (London), 1933-39, and Dr. William Deadman (Hamilton), 1939-40.
  • Fellow in bacteriology under Dr. Philip Grey (Banting Institute), 1940-1941.
  • Director of Laboratories at St. Catharines General Hospital, 1941-72.



Dr. Stuart Penny

Dr. Stuart Penny: 1959-60

  • Graduated U of T, 1934.
  • Director of Pathology, Toronto East General and Orthopedic Hospital, 1949-66.
  • Director of Pathology, General and Marine Hospital, Owen Sound, 1966-74; Associate Director of Pathology, 1974.
  • Director of Laboratories, MDS, Owen Sound, 1986.
  • Passed away 1991.



Dr. Chester McLean

Dr. Chester McLean: 1959-60

  • Born 1914; graduated with MD from U of T, 1937. Postgraduate training at Banting Institute and Hamilton General Hospital.
  • After WWII, became Director of Pathology at Sunnybrook Hospital. With Roy Wilkinson pioneered use of large paper sections to study lung pathology.
  • Consultant to Workers’ Compensation Board.



Dr. R. H. More

Dr. R. H. More: 1958-59

  • Received medical degree from University of Western Ontario, 1928; then joined London’s Institute of Public Health.
  • Transferred to Central Public Health Laboratory, Toronto, 1929. Director of Regional Public Health Laboratory, North Bay, 1934. Returned to London Institute of Public Health, 1939.
  • Institute renamed Regional Public Health Laboratory, 1946. Dr. Wilson appointed Director.
  • Retired 1969.



Dr. Lavern C. Fischer

Dr. Lavern C. Fischer: 1957-58

  • Received medical degree from University of Western Ontario; studied pathology with Dr. J.H. Fisher, London, ON.
  • First pathologist in Kitchener, serving St. Mary’s General Hospital, 1935-42.
  • Director of Laboratories, Kitchener-Waterloo Hospital, 1936-64.
  • Passed away September, 1966.



Dr. Allan John Blanchard

Dr. Allan John Blanchard: 1956-57

  • Born 1914; graduated with MD from U of T, 1937. Postgraduate training at Banting Institute and Hamilton General Hospital.
  • After WWII, became Director of Pathology at Sunnybrook Hospital. With Roy Wilkinson pioneered use of large paper sections to study lung pathology.
  • Consultant to Workers’ Compensation Board.



Dr. Wesley M. Wilson

Dr. Wesley M. Wilson: 1955-56

  • Received medical degree from University of Western Ontario, 1928; then joined London’s Institute of Public Health.
  • Transferred to Central Public Health Laboratory, Toronto, 1929. Director of Regional Public Health Laboratory, North Bay, 1934. Returned to London Institute of Public Health, 1939.
  • Institute renamed Regional Public Health Laboratory, 1946. Dr. Wilson appointed Director.
  • Retired 1969.



Dr. Harold G. Pritzker

Dr. Harold G. Pritzker: 1954-55

  • Graduated from U of T, 1934; trained in pathology at St. Luke’s Hospital, Cleveland.
  • Started laboratories at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, 1938, and Oshawa General Hospital, 1943.
  • Full-time Director of Laboratories, Mount Sinai, from 1955; staff appointment at U of T; Toronto Academy of Medicine president, 1959-60; Canadian Association of Pathologists president, 1960-61.



Dr. Stanley M. Asselstine

Dr. Stanley M. Asselstine: 1953-54

  • Received medical degree from U of T; trained in pathology in Toronto, Cambridge UK, and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Served in the Canadian Army during WWII.
  • Professor and Head of Pathology at Queen’s in 1946; later Head of Pathology, Dean of Medicine, VP of Health Science and Vice-Provost at U of T.
  • With Dr. Louis Berger of l’Université Laval, conceived idea for a national association of Canadian pathologists.



Dr. Desmond Magner

Dr. Desmond Magner: 1952-53

  • Born Cork, Ireland, 1913. Emigrated to Canada 1921; attended Upper Canada College 1923-30.
  • Received medical degree from U of T, 1938; served in Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps 1939-45, retiring at rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Professor and Head of Pathology, University of Ottawa; Director of Laboratories, Ottawa General Hospital, 1947-73.
  • Founded Canadian Tumour Reference Centre; served as Registrar, 1949-73.



Dr. William L. Donohue

Dr. William L. Donohue: 1951-52

  • Graduated from U of T in 1932; later studied at Columbia University and National Hospital for Nervous Diseases in London, UK.
  • Appointed Assistant Pathologist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, 1938. Subsequently Chief of Pathology, 1947-72.



Dr. J. D. Hamilton

Dr. J. D. Hamilton: 1950-51

  • Received medical degree from U of T; trained in pathology in Toronto, Cambridge UK, and Johns Hopkins University.
  • Served in the Canadian Army during WWII.
  • Professor and Head of Pathology at Queen’s in 1946; later Head of Pathology, Dean of Medicine, VP of Health Science and Vice-Provost at U of T.
  • With Dr. Louis Berger of l’Université Laval, conceived idea for a national association of Canadian pathologists.



Dr. Isaac H. Erb

Dr. Isaac H. Erb: 1949-50

  • Born 1886; eldest son of a Federal MP; responsible for home farm during his youth.
  • Returned to high school as an adult; studied medicine at U of T and pathology in Austria.
  • First Pathologist-in-Chief at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, 1919-47.
  • Consulting Pathologist to the Attorney General’s Department for 11 years and Assistant Professor of Pathology at U of T for eight years.



Dr. John H. Fisher

Dr. John H. Fisher: 1948-49

  • Born 1899; received medical education from University of Western Ontario in 1924.
  • Received postgraduate training at U of T, Memorial Hospital NY and Mallory Institute of Pathology, Boston.
  • Member of UWO Department of Pathology for 43 years, retiring in 1965.
  • Professor of Pathology, Head of Department, and Pathologist-in-Chief at Victoria Hospital, London ON, 1929-65.



Dr. E. N. Ballantyne

Dr. E. N. Ballantyne: 1947-48

  • Director of Laboratories, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Hamilton 1932-57.



Dr. Eric Linell

Dr. Eric Ambrose Linell: 1946-47

  • Born 1891; educated in England, graduating from Manchester University.
  • Became an anatomist following WWI; switched focus to neuropathology at urging of Dr. K.G. McKenzie at U of T.
  • Brought with him Dr. Mary Thom; together they built highly professional department training neuropathologists for most Canadian universities.
  • Passed away 1983.



Dr. W. L. Robinson

Dr. W. L. Robinson: 1944-45

  • Born in Kelowna BC; medical education at U of T.
  • Professor of Pathology at U of T and Pathologist at Toronto General Hospital.
  • Trained with Frank B. Mallory and Ludwig Ashoff.
  • Started surgical pathology by doing operative specimens for Dr. F.N.G Starr 1920-22; introduced frozen section method to Toronto General Hospital.
  • Prominent forensic pathologist and teacher of pathology.
  • Passed away 1953.



Dr. William Boyd

Dr. William Boyd: 1943-44

  • Born in Portsoy, Scotland; received medical degree from University of Edinburgh in 1908.
  • Emigrated to Winnipeg after WWI, becoming Professor of Pathology at University of Manitoba.
  • Authored several pathology textbooks; taught at both U of T and University of British Columbia.
  • Recognized for services as pathologist and as founding member of National Cancer Institute with Order of Canada in 1968.
  • Died of pneumonia at age 93 in Toronto.



Dr. William Magner

Dr. William Magner: 1942-43

  • Born and educated in Cork, Ireland.
  • Became Chief Pathologist and Director of Laboratories at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto in 1921.
  • Associated with U of T from 1921, becoming Assistant Professor of Pathology in 1938.
  • Passed away May, 1952.



Dr F. W. Luney

Dr. F. W. Luney: 1941-42

  • Graduated from UWO, 1914.
  • Director of Laboratories from 1927 until retirement in 1961; Associate Professor of Pathology (UWO) for 44 years.
  • Pioneered blood transfusions in London ON while serving as provincial pathologist at former Institute of Public Health.
  • Established pathology and biochemistry lab at St. Joseph’s Hospital, London ON.
  • Passed away February, 1987 at age 94



Dr. W. J. Deadman

Dr. W. J. Deadman: 1940-41

  • A former schoolteacher who graduated in medicine from U of T in 1913 and interned at Hamilton General Hospital.
  • Trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and returned to the HGH as Laboratory Director in 1920.
  • Encouraged development of the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists. In 1936, established at HGH one of the first training schools for technologists in Canada.
  • Well known for his work as a forensic pathologist.




Dr. James Miller: 1939-40

  • Accepted Queen’s University chair of Pathology in 1920.
  • Taught pathology at Queen’s until retirement in 1965.
  • Two years after appointment at Queen’s, elected to the Royal Society, becoming president of Section V in 1931.
  • Retired to Britain.




Dr. George Shanks: 1938-39

  • First president of the OAP.
  • A McGill graduate who, after retiring from the Indian Medical Service, took charge of Pathology at the Toronto Western Hospital.
  • One of a committee of three who worked toward formation of the OAP.
  • In 1948 became pathologist to the Veteran’s Hospital, Victoria, B.C.